Jesus Christ is the Gospel.  The good news that Jesus Christ through his life, his death, and resurrection overcame the god of this world – Satan -and freeing humanity from the penalty of eternal damnation for its rebellion towards a gracious God.  Jesus is Lord of the universe and is now offering life to men who would place their trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and their Savior.  This Everlasting life in the live of a believer starts now and is enjoyed through eternity.  We believe that when a man trusts Jesus.  Jesus becomes the center of his life.  His decisions and choices are shaped by his Word and Spirit.

From the day God created the first man, God planned that man would rule his world and have children that loved God and reflected his image, like a little child that looks and acts like his Dad.  But because of man’s rebellion throughout our existence, we have often ruled the world injustly and produced descendants that hated God and were in love with themselves, the opposite of what the Creator intended.  However, through the saving and regenerating work of Jesus Christ — the same Jesus who was the first missionary, when he left the lofty pinnacles of heaven and came down to the housing project called earth — his followers have a new mission:  raise people who are followers of Jesus.  As we are living our daily lives, we have been called to produce men and women who love God and reflect the image of Jesus Christ.  Mission isn’t simply something we do, it is part of who we are.  We are missionaries.

We believe that the church is the people of God — the family of God.  When a person begins to follow Jesus, they join a worldwide communion of people who once were sinners and enemies at war with each other and God, but have become sons and daughters of the Father and little brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.  We believe when believers are in intimate community with each other they become an outpost of hope and love to a world full of hatred and despair.  The family of God becomes a visible witness to the seen and unseen that God is wise and that his plan to save the world is real.

A true experience of the grace of Jesus Christ inevitably motivates a man or woman to seek justice in the world.  The greatest act of social justice to ever happen in the world was the Lord dying on behalf of sinners.  It was social because his act was done for people.  It was justice because the world has offended a righteous God with the injustice we have done to each other and to the Father with our disobedience.  Jesus needed to be executed as our penal substitution.  When a man comes to grips with his sin and his Savior, his life is changed and his HEART is changed.  His renewed mind seeks justice for the poor, the single mother, the immigrant.  His heart breaks for those in our world who are enslaved or oppressed.  As the Lord’s heart breaks for injustice, so does the Lord’s disciple.